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Glamour Essentials Green Designer Hairbrush Perfect for Knotty Hair £3.99


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BRUSH HAIR EFFORTLESSLY: This wide oval hair brush is ideal for use on long and thick hairstyles. You can brush your hair effortlessly & quickly as this brush glides through stubborn knots and tangles with minimum breakage to your hair.CUSHIONED FOR COMFORT: The cushioned pad makes this brush great for those who are head-sore or have a sensitive scalp. The air cushioned pad adds comfort to brushing and helps to minimise breakage and damage to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy!PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: The style of the brush is modern and practical. The brush is black with green detailing with matching green air cushion and ball tips.LIGHTWEIGHT BRUSH: The brush is lightweight which makes it super easy to brush your hair and style without making your arm and hand ache from holding it. As it's lightweight it's also the perfect companion whilst you are travelling, simply pop it into your luggage or bag for a practical and handy brush you can use wherever you go.



Disponibile UK

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