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[Prime Day] Gift for Women Gold Rose, OUTAD 24K Gold Trimmed long stem Real Rose Forever Flower with long Stem Dipped with stand-Best gift for lover ideal for Valentine's Day Mother's Day £26.99


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❤Each rose is delicately packed to ensure fragile item to be unharmed, in a presentable lovely gift box to enhance quality and gift giving. Includes a display stand .❤Each rose measures 11-12 inches long. Stems, leaves, and petals of our roses are all guaranteed to be real, each rose is unique just like in nature.❤Stem is dipped in 24k gold. Pure substance to ensure quality of true color. Surface of petals and leaves dipped in 24k gold.❤Large array of colors to attract everyone's preference. Each color is genuine, purely dipped to preserve color and durability. Can be purchased separately, or combined with other colors to create a colorful Bouquet.❤Roses have always been a symbol of love and appreciation, However Forever roses represents EVERLASTING LOVE!! She will love the unique gift of an everlasting 24k gold rose for an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or for any other occasion.

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Available in France

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